Minutes for the


Bury Area Chess League

Annual General Meeting 2023


Date and Time: 7:30pm, 1st August

Venue: Linton Chess Club



  1. Welcome
    1. Present                                Alan Richardson (AR), Paul Kemp (PK), Oliver Lenton (OL), Philip Fallon (PF), John Daugman (JD), Paul McMahon (PM), Steve Lovell (SL), Bob Jones (BJ), Michael Osborn (MO), Anthony Chan (AC).
    2. Apologies,           John Wickham (JW), Richard Caves (RC)


  1. Minutes of the previous AGM, 2nd August @ Linton
    1. Adoption of minutes subject to any corrections - adopted
    2. Matters arising from those minutes  - none


  1. Mark Szymanski         AR and OL spoke of the sadness of Mark’s passing and how he will be sorely missed.


  1. Officers’ Reports – any prepared will be circulated.
    1. Chairman - none
    2. Treasurer – (PK) gave account overview, recommends that league fees remain the same – all were in favour.

With ECF memberships rolling it was recommended that captains keep an eye on team player memberships (with LMS) to avoid fines.

POS and GOS winners:

POS Div 1 Phillip Fallon

Div 2 Ruben Evans

Div 3 Piotr Wasilak

GOS open – Ruben Evans

U1900 Anthony Chan

U1600 Daniel Finch

Awards to be handed out at the jamboree

  1. Fixture Secretary and Roger Goldsmith Organiser - none
  2. Ratings Officer – (BJ) highlighted that there are three categories now, A, K, and P, with A and K for frequent players and P for provisional.
  3. Internet Officer – (SL) no change
  4. Congress Organiser – (SL) congress running a good surplus, there is a link on the congress webpage to the sponsors – if this could be checked. Post Meeting Note: AR checked the wording and is happy with it.


  1. Further Matters for the Consideration of the Meeting

After much discussion it was decided to leave the ratings limits as they are and encourage team captains to promote GOS.

SL to embed a mention of GOS onto the LMS


All agreed this would be beneficial because of high degree of participation of young players.


  1. Election of Officers
    1. Chairperson – Alan Richardson stepping down after four years with currently no-one willing to step forward to take on the role.

                                                               i.      Anthony Chan volunteered and was duly elected

All other officers are happy to continue in their roles:

  1. Vice chairperson              (CB)      
  2. Match secretary and Roger Goldsmith organiser (RC)
  3. Admin secretary (OL)
  4. Treasurer (PK)
  5. Internet office and congress secretary (SL)
  6. Ratings officer and Jamboree organiser (BJ)
  7. Congress director (JW)


  1. League and RGT Entries
    1. Ely A request to stay in division 1 – approved.
    2. Team numbers to be passed to match secretary – this has already been done

Div 1 Ely, 3 Cambs, 2 Linton, 2 Bury

Div 2 2 Linton, Newmarket, 2 Cambs, 2 Bury

Div 3 Ely, Newmarket, Linton, Stowmarket, Sudbury, 2 Bury

RG1 2 Linton, Cambs, Bury

RG2 Newmarket, Ely, Stowmarket, Bury, 2 Linton (RG2 teams to only play each other once)

  1. Player ratings for the nominated team players to SL by the end of August



  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Jamboree – 7th Sept @Bury

                                                               i.      Details to head out to club captains shortly, there will be no charge as Bury agreed to meet the costs.

  1. Cambridgeshire Rapidplay – 24th Sept @ Whittlesford.
  2. Bury Congress – 7th / 8th Oct @Bury Club
  3. EACU team championship – 22nd Oct @ Bury


  1. Any other Business
    1. Rules mention ‘He’ and this should be updated to something gender neutral. Suggestions included ‘they’ or ‘he/she’ but a decision was not reached. SL to investigate and update.
    2. League essential document will no longer be used as the information is on the LMS and the website.
    3. PK and BJ to lease with RC to help finalise the league fixtures with the addition of two more playing weeks.


15:21, 08 Aug 2023 by Charles Richmond